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Amblyptilia punctidactyla (Haworth, 1811)

Brindled Plume
45.0110 (B&F: 1498)

Amblyptilia cosmodactyla (Hübner, [1819])

»Suborder: Glossata
  »Superfamily: Pterophoroidea
    »Family: Pterophoridae
      »Subfamily: Pterophorinae
        »Tribe: Hypercalliini


A very local resident that has been spreading from Surrey and Kent since the 1970's. The adults usually occur singly or sparingly, chiefly amongst deciduous woodland. It is double-brooded, the first emergence flying mainly from the second week of June to the third week of August. The second flight is principally from early September to mid October, occasionally to late October. The autumnal adults hibernate but few appear to survive. The larvae have been recorded feeding on hedge woundwort. (Pratt, 2011).

Amblyptilia punctidactyla (Haworth, 1811)
Midhurst, 21 vii 2018
Photo: Bob Foreman
Amblyptilia punctidactyla (Haworth, 1811)
Findon Valley, 12 vii 2013
Photo: Mike Snelling
Amblyptilia punctidactyla (Haworth, 1811)
Pagham Harbour, viii 2007
Photo: Ivan Lang

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