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Elachista humilis Zeller, 1850

Obscure Dwarf
38.0360 (B&F: 606)

Elachista occultella Douglas, 1850
Elachista airae Stainton, 1858
Elachista perplexella Stainton, 1858
Elachista holdenella sensu Pierce & Metcalfe, 1935 ♂ genitalia nec Stainton, 1854

»Suborder: Glossata
  »Superfamily: Gelechioidea
    »Family: Elachistidae
      »Subfamily: Gelechiinae
        »Tribe: Hypercalliini


Noted from a few localities, mainly on the downs, during Victorian times. The only modern records are from Plaistow and Tortington Common. Elsewhere the adults fly from May to July and the larvae feed on tufted hair-grass (Pratt, 2011).

Elachista humilis Zeller, 1850
larval mine on Tufted Hair-grass
Heyshott, 28 iii 2012
Photo: Tony Davis

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Phenology (adult)

Phenology (larval)

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