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Callisto denticulella (Thunberg, 1794)

Garden Apple Slender
15.0220 (B&F: 310)

Callisto guttea (Haworth, 1828)

»Suborder: Glossata
  »Superfamily: Gracillarioidea
    »Family: Gracillariidae
      »Subfamily: Gracillariinae
        »Tribe: Phalacropterygini


A resident species, with larvae generally occurring singly or sparingly in a wide range of habitats across the region. Double-brooded, flying mainly from May to early June and again in August. Larvae feed on the leaves of cultivated apple. (Pratt, 2011)

Callisto denticulella (Thunberg, 1794)
Lindfield, 10 vi 2010
Photo: Bob Foreman

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Phenology (adult)

Phenology (larval)

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