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Xestia triangulum (Hufnagel, 1766)

Double Square-spot
73.3610 (B&F: 2128)

Xestia rhomboidea (Esper, 1790)

»Suborder: Glossata
  »Superfamily: Noctuoidea
    »Family: Noctuidae
      »Subfamily: Noctuinae
        »Tribe: Noctuini

A resident species which occurs sparingly or fairly commonly at mv light in many habitats, occasionally common or very common in woods and marshes. Probably generally distributed in large areas, but in decline. Single-brooded, flying from early June to the third week of August. Larvae feed on silver birch, dock, honeysuckle, black horehound, sallow, stinging nettle, aspen, ivy and primrose. (Pratt, 2011)

Xestia triangulum (Hufnagel, 1766)
Barcombe, vi 2006
Photo: Clive Dickson
Xestia triangulum (Hufnagel, 1766)
Ripe, 08 vii 2006
Photo: Michael Blencowe
Xestia triangulum (Hufnagel, 1766)
Warnham LNR, 21 vi 2005
Photo: Sam Bayley

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Phenology (larval)

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