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Xestia agathina (Duponchel, 1827)

     Xestia agathina agathina (Duponchel, 1827)
     Xestia agathina hebridicola (Staudinger, 1901)

Heath Rustic
73.3560 (B&F: 2135)

»Suborder: Glossata
  »Superfamily: Noctuoidea
    »Family: Noctuidae
      »Subfamily: Noctuinae
        »Tribe: Noctuini

A resident and suspected occasional immigrant which only occurs sparingly but it is sometimes fairly common to common on heathland. High numbers are extremely local and very irregular. Single-brooded flying mainly from late August to late September. Larvae feed on heather. (Pratt, 2011)

Xestia agathina (Duponchel, 1827)
Wych Cross, Forest Row, 11 ix 2015
Photo: Hew Prendergast
Xestia agathina (Duponchel, 1827)
Hurst Green, 26 viii 2019
Photo: Malcolm Philips
Xestia agathina (Duponchel, 1827)
Dove’s Nest, 04 ix 2020
Photo: Charles Waters
Xestia agathina (Duponchel, 1827)
Wisborough Green, 15 ix 2020
Photo: Dave and Pen Green
Xestia agathina (Duponchel, 1827)
Sussex Border, 05 ix 2006
Photo: Sam Bayley

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