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Agrotis trux (Hübner, [1824])

     Agrotis trux trux (Hübner, [1824])
     Agrotis trux lunigera Stephens, 1829

Crescent Dart
73.3240 (B&F: 2090)

»Suborder: Glossata
  »Superfamily: Noctuoidea
    »Family: Noctuidae
      »Subfamily: Noctuinae
        »Tribe: Noctuini

A resident and suspected immigrant. It usually occurs singly or sparingly along the coast between Peacehaven and Pevensey, though it is sometimes common at mv light near the chalk cliffs at Eastbourne. Away from the Eastbourne area it is very local and distinctly episodic in appearance. It is presumed extinct in West Sussex. Single brooded, flying mainly from early July to late August. Larval foodplants have not been identified in Sussex, though various unidentified low-growing plants have been mentioned elsewhere. (Pratt, 2011)

Agrotis trux Stephens, 1829
Bexhill-on-Sea, 17 vii 2018
Photo: Derek Crawley

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