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Ennomos autumnaria (Werneburg, 1859)

Large Thorn
70.2320 (B&F: 1911)

Ennomos alniaria ([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)

»Suborder: Glossata
  »Superfamily: Geometroidea
    »Family: Geometridae
      »Subfamily: Ennominae
        »Tribe: Ennomini


A resident species often reinforced by occasional immigration. Normally occurs singly or sparingly to mv light in a wide range of habitats. Well distributed on the downs and coast from Newhaven to the Hampshire border and in the extreme east, but rare elsewhere. Very local and distinctly episodic in appearance. Single brooded flying from late August to late September. The larval foodplants have not been determined in this county, but a range of deciduous trees have been listed elsewhere. (Pratt 2011)

Ennomos autumnaria (Werneburg, 1859)
Steyning, 15 ix 2020
Photo: Olly Ellis
Ennomos autumnaria (Werneburg, 1859)
Ringmer, 19 ix 2009
Photo: Mark Underhill
Ennomos autumnaria (Werneburg, 1859)
Findon Valley, 05 ix 2006
Photo: Mike Snelling
Ennomos autumnaria (Werneburg, 1859)
Pagham Harbour, viii 2006
Photo: Ivan Lang
Ennomos autumnaria (Werneburg, 1859)
Thorney Island, 05 ix 2013
Photo: Derek Lee

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