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Psammotis pulveralis (Hübner, 1796)

Scarce Marsh Pearl
63.0270 (B&F: 1383)

»Suborder: Glossata
  »Superfamily: Pyraloidea
    »Family: Crambidae
      »Subfamily: Pyraustinae
        »Tribe: Endotrichini


A suspected immigrant species, detected here on less than a dozen occasions. Most recently found at Icklesham and Peacehaven (1991), Pagham Harbour, Peacehaven and Icklesham (2004) and Winchelsea (2006). (Pratt, 2011).

Psammotis pulveralis (Hübner, 1796)
Bracklesham, 19 vii 2017
Photo: Derek Lee
Psammotis pulveralis (Hübner, 1796)
Henfield, 24 vii 2019
Photo: Paula Blake
Psammotis pulveralis (Hübner, 1796)
Etchingham, 08 viii 2020
Photo: Caroline Moore

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