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The golden cup of mothing glory*

The aim of this site is to provide as accurate and up to date a picture as is possible of the status, distribution and phenology of all the species of moth that have been recorded in Sussex.

The site also aims to provide up to date information and news on moths and mothing events in Sussex and on our sightings page, an insight into the more interesting moth species that are being recorded by our members.

The Aims of the Sussex Moth Group:

Latest photos:

Lobesia reliquana, Bob Foreman

Lobesia reliquana
Photo: Bob Foreman

Bactra robustana, Caroline Moore

Bactra robustana
Photo: Caroline Moore

Pseudococcyx tessulatana, Ian Barnard

Pseudococcyx tessulatana
Photo: Ian Barnard

Pyrausta ostrinalis, Bob Eade

Pyrausta ostrinalis
Photo: Bob Eade

Pyrausta despicata, Bob Eade

Pyrausta despicata
Photo: Bob Eade

Pyrausta nigrata, Bob Eade

Pyrausta nigrata
Photo: Bob Eade

Ancylis comptana, Bob Eade

Ancylis comptana
Photo: Bob Eade

Trichopteryx polycommata, John Christlieb

Trichopteryx polycommata
Photo: John Christlieb

Orthosia incerta, John Christlieb

Orthosia incerta
Photo: John Christlieb

Lycia hirtaria, Colin, Viv and Violeta Brooks

Lycia hirtaria
Photo: Colin, Viv and Violeta Brooks

Upcoming events:

If you are planning a moth-related event and you would like to publicise it here please send the details to

The Sussex Moth Group would like to thank its members and all those people who have submitted their records to the The Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre. This website currently holds details of over 1,000,000 records and it could not exist without the enormous volume of distribution and phenology data which is derived from these records. We would also like to express our grateful thanks to Colin Pratt F.R.E.S, County Recorder for Moths and Butterflies, for his unstinting efforts to ensure that these records are as accurate as possible.

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