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Yponomeuta padella (Linnaeus, 1758)

Orchard Ermine
16.0020 (B&F: 425)

»Suborder: Glossata
  »Superfamily: Yponomeutoidea
    »Family: Yponomeutidae
      »Subfamily: Yponomeutinae
        »Tribe: Phalacropterygini


A resident species occurring singly or sparingly, though sometimes fairly common to common at mv light in open habitats in both vice-counties. Larvae are more numerous than the resultant adults. Single-brooded, flying mainly from late June to mid August, occasionally to early September. Larvae feed on the leaves of sloe and hawthorn. (Pratt, 2011).

Yponomeuta padella (Linnaeus, 1758)
Lindfield, 26 vii 2010
Photo: Bob Foreman

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Phenology (adult)

Phenology (larval)

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