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Zygaena trifolii (Esper, 1783)

     Zygaena trifolii trifolii (Esper, 1783)
     Zygaena trifolii decreta Verity, 1925

Five-spot Burnet
54.0100 (B&F: 170)

»Suborder: Glossata
  »Superfamily: Zygaenoidea
    »Family: Zygaenidae
      »Subfamily: Zygaeninae
        »Tribe: Zygaenini

Of the two races of this species the "marsh" subsp. decreta is presumed extinct throughout the region since around the 1930's. The "chalk" subsp. palustrella is resident and in serious decline and usually occurs sparingly but is sometimes fairly common or even common on the chalk. In danger of extinction in the East and extremely local and very irregular in numbers. Single-brooded, flying mainly from late May to late June. Larvae feed on bird's-foot trefoil. Clovers are an unconfirmed additional food plant. (Pratt, 2011)

Zygaena trifolii (Esper, 1783)
Ferring Rife, 21 vi 2008
Photo: Colin Knaggs
Zygaena trifolii (Esper, 1783)
Fairmile Bottom, 06 vi 2014
Photo: Keith Alexander

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