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The golden cup of mothing glory

Sussex lockdown mothing league:

The golden cup of mothing glory*

Welcome to the Sussex lockdown mothing league and your chance to be crowned

"The champion moth-er of all Sussex".

The aim of this is nothing more than to provide a little bit of distraction during these far from normal times in which we find ourselves. For the more competetive types, maybe you can see this as a welcome release and opportunity to vent your pent-up frustrations. Personally I see this as something to fill the gap that the lack of professional sport has created, this is the new Premier League as far as I’m concerned.

The premise is simple , all you have to do is record all the moth species you catch on any night and points are awarded to each night’s top three most succesfull moth-ers.

If you’re up for having a go and you’ve read the rules (they’re very strict) and if you still fancy giving it a bash then simply fill in the entry form and Bob’s yer uncle (actually he’s not - but he is a judge).


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* Trophy doesn't actually exist
Title doesn't actually exist
The premise might be simple but the rules are really complicated (and strict)

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